The club members recently have been traveling to area restaurants and pubs as a new adventure!
Following is a list of places we've been, and future dates will be posted as soon as they become available so you can join in the fun!
May 12, 1999  Friends Tavern, Petersburg, Indiana
July 28, 1999  Masons Root Beer Stand, Washington, Indiana
October 16, 1999  Mike's Pub & Grub, Haysville, Indiana
October 22, 1999  Taylors II, Oakland City, Indiana
November 19, 1999  The Roca Bar, Evansville, Indiana
January 14, 2000  The Red Lantern, Bruceville, Indiana
February 18, 2000  Red Bones Tavern, Montgomery, Indiana
March 24, 2000  White River Inn, Hazelton, Indiana
April 14, 2000  Grays Tavern, Bridgeport, Illinois
May 26, 2000  That Place,  St. Anthony, Indiana
June 30, 2000  Hilltop Tavern,  Hazleton, Indiana
July 21, 2000  Paul's Tavern, Bicknell Indiana
July 28, 2000  Paul's Tavern,  Bicknell, Indiana
August 25, 2000  The Old Log Inn,  Warrenton, Indiana
October 20, 2000  Jack's Place,  Mitchell, Indiana
November 17, 2000  Butchie's Place,  Dubois, Indiana
January 12, 2001  Butchie's Place, Dubois, Indiana
February 23, 2001  Corky's, Celestine, Indiana
March 30, 2001  Old Hickory Country Barbecue, Stendel, Indiana
April 20, 2001  White River Inn, Hazelton, Indiana
May 11, 2001  Mike's Pub & Grub, Haysville, Indiana
June 15, 2001  Westport Inn, Westport, Illinois
July 13, 2001  Montana Mike's,  Vincennes, Indiana
August 24, 2001 The Old Log Inn, Warrenton, Indiana
November 9, 2001, St. Nicks Lounge, Dale, Indiana
February 8, 2002, Sandy's Pizza, Ft. Branch, Indiana
March 23, 2002, Fast Eddie's, Evansville, Indiana
April 27, 2002, The Haub Steak House, Haubstadt, Indiana
June 14, 2002, White River Inn, Hazelton, Indiana
December 3, 2002, Westport Inn, Westport, Illinois
January 17, 2003, Garfield's, Vincennes, Indiana
February 21, 2003, Red Bones Tavern, Montomery, Indiana
March 14, 2003, Westport Inn, Wesport, Illinois
April 25, 2003, The Long Branch Tavern, Elnora, Indiana
May 16, 2003, Rod 'n Randy's, Shoals, Indiana
February 27, 2004 Red Bones, Montgomery, Indiana
March 26, 2004 Bud's Tavern, Vincennes, Indiana
May 21, 2004 Westport Inn, Westport, Illinois
January 14, 2005 Willie's :ub, Vincennes, Indiana
April 22,2005  Butchie's Place, Dubois, Indiana
May 20, 2005  Purple Head Bridge Run & then to Westport Inn
July 8, 2005 Half-throttle, Bruceville, Indiana
February 3, 2006  Paul's Tavern, Bicknell, Indiana
March 10, 2006  Half-throttle, Bruceville, Indiana
April 13, 2007  Heichelbechs, Jasper, Indiana
March 14, 2008  Millhouse Restaurant, Jasper, Indiana
Back in 1984, a group of car club members got together and had a fishing contest at Dogwood Lake, in Glendale, Indiana, about 10 miles away to our southeast.  It was an over-nighter with a big campfire, people sleeping in tents, and some even slept in vans.  It was a lot of fun and we had several members in attendance.  We had some prizes and also had some pretty nice weather, except for Sunday morning when we had some light rain.
We got together again a couple more times this way over the next few years, but nothing was really organized.
In 1989, we decided to have a go at it again, so we had a meeting to discuss this event.  The result of that meeting was the beginning of what these days we call BUNYANIZIN', which is merely when guys get together to do that "Paul Bunyan Stuff".
We started that era with jon boats, primitive motors, oars, and some of the really fortunate might even have a olling motor.  also, we slept in tents, under canopies, lawn chairs, and some even slept in their truck cabs!
We quickly evolved into larger, nicer boats, then the tents quickly turned into small campers, and then eventually travel trailers and motor homes.
Attendance has fluctuated over the years and has gone from about 6 members at the beginning, to about 10 to 12, and now  it normally runs around 8 for the weekend.
The first Bunyanizin' was set to be held on a Saturday and Sunday but it was very quickly understood that 2 days was not nearly enough time to do all the things we wanted to do, so we started going out on Thursday evening.  Over the years, this has been drastically stretched for some members because they now go the Monday before, maybe even the Saturday before!
Also, nowadays, we take almost enough equipment and supplies that it seems like we should need a semi trailer to haul it all in ! (It probably wouldn't fit in one!)
Also new in 1997, was the "Pond Tour"!  It was too cold to do anything else on Friday in '97, so a few of us went on the first Pond Tour.  This amounts to making you a 2 quart red beer to go and traveling around to the many ponds at Glendale.  We have since made it an annual event.
The week concludes Sunday morning with a huge fish fry, (believe me, we fry the not so huge ones too!), featuring fried mushrooms and VEGE-A-MATIC french fries.
The date for BUNYANIZIN' XVI  is  May 15, 2010 .  So if you're in the area, look for us and remember........REAL BUNYANIZERS GO SLEEVELESS!
Tailgaters on "Pond Tour" 2000
Bunyanizin' Camp